Adhyayanam School

“Empowered, Nurtured and Educated India”

A strong education system is the backbone of a strong and vibrant nation. As we progress with time, we experience many issues in the existing conventional education system i.e. rote learning, old conventional way of students assessment, unstructured curriculum, loss of cultural awareness & values, untrained educators, minimal use of technology, less focus on student’s skills & interests and many more.

To overcome the deficiencies of the existing education system and to deliver quality education, we introduce our most comprehensive, student centric and well-crafted curriculum SAMAGRAwhich is primarily based on Vedas principles of education and Howard Gardner philosophy of multiple intelligence.

We strongly focus on elevating the education to a world-class level. Our smart model of education covers entire elements of quality education that primarily focuses on the holistic development of students and help them to become strong individuals with strong character and values.

Our well-designed Vedas-Inspired Hybrid Model of learning not only covers the social, ethical & cultural development of students but also helps to create an inclusive environment that builds a strong foundation for life-long learning and provides the right path to become a future-ready global citizen.

Apart from core academics, the curriculum also focuses on creating ample opportunities for students to develop strong competitive aptitude. Our 12-hour unique support system addresses all counseling-related matters and doubt clearing issues.

"Happy Children, Happy Teachers, Happy Parents"

Core Academics

Key Features

Teacher Innovation & Enhancement Programme

A comprehensive program that is designed to provide the best pedagogical knowledge and teaching techniques to educators. Educators have to undergo multiple training programs throughout the year on various topics i.e. effective learning practices, use of technology, Students' psychology, parents & teacher relationship, etc.

12 Hour dedicated students support system

Our real-time tech-based support system aims to solve students' queries in minimal time. Further, it also addresses covering all counseling-related matters with the help of our team of experts.

Students performance & monitoring system

This unique system covers periodic students' performance monitoring beyond standardized tests and exams. The AI-enabled tech-based system caters to students' feedback and their requirements in a precise manner that in turn helps educators to modify and align their teaching styles as per the requirements of students.

No detention Policy

Students are encouraged to participate and engage in solving each other's doubts under the guidance of educators. The policy primarily aims to build confidence and develop good interpersonal skills among the students.


Comprehensive Coaching Programme for multiple streams for national & International level Professional exams
Key Features

Our unique future-readiness program is designed to caters all coaching requirements of students for various professional and competitive courses at the national and International levels.
All programs are conducted under the professional guidance of the best faculties across the globe. We ensure that students get the best coaching experience for all their requirements for multiple streams within the campus.

Integrated Coaching For All

Coaching at right time and in the right format plays a very important role in crafting professionals for the future. We at ADHYAYANAM take care of all such aspects inside the campus through best-known faculties and proven methodologies.

For classes 6th to 10th

Nurturing academicians at an early age could benefit them for life. Olympiads, NTSE, NNMS, KVPY, Pre RMO, and many such national and international exams.

Engineering and Medical Entrance

SAT, JEE, NEET, VITEEE, and other such national and international exams for choosing the right engineering and medical career.

Management & Law Entrance

Preparing student for IPMAT, SNAP, NMAT, CLAT and such other well known examinations will not be difficult with us.

Arts, Design and Dramas

Nothing is left with us, not even students preferring the boxing career. NATA, NSDEE, UCEED, and such exam preparation will be done in the campus.

Defense & Administrative Services

Serving nation and society is a passion of many, we will nurture this by preparing students for NDA, UPSE, and other civil services exams.

Teacher & Parents Coordination

Key Features

To enhance the academic performance of students we strongly believe in having a good parent-teacher relationship. We always recommend building an ongoing, precise and clear line of communication between teachers and parents.
Parents are considered to be the best teacher for a child. They play a vital and active role in students’ overall performance in all spheres of education. Thus, to encourage parents’ involvement in child development, we incorporated various interactive programs at ” SAMAGRA” curriculum.

Interactive Programme at “SAMAGRA” includes ;

-Parents Workshops

-Parents Teacher Meet

-Parenting Workshops

-Summer Workshops for Mother’s Skills Development

-Parents- Students Competitions and many more

Child-Focused-Multidimensional Model

Key Features

Having understood the need and importance of holistic development of children and redefining traditional school learning, we come up with our student-centric multidimensional model of learning.
Based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence we aim to offer the most innovative & future-ready model that helps in identifying & nurturing the full range of abilities and talents that a student may possess.

Interactive Programme at “SAMAGRA” includes ;

Visual-Spatial Intelligence-Picture Smart

Use of Interactive tools i.e. graphs, charts, 3D modeling, multimedia, drawings, etc. to enhance visuals to explore and think.

Musical Intelligence-Sound Smart

Identifying students' abilities towards the sensitivity of sounds and rhythms and teaching them by applying various musical activities and tools/ methods.

Interpersonal Intelligence-People Smart

Students with good interpersonal abilities to be taught conducting interactive group seminars, group discussions, and various group activities.

Intrapersonal Intelligence-Self Smart

Various introspection and independent methods can be used for identifying students' interests and goals.

Body-Kinesthetics Intelligence-Body Smart

Students with a good sense of body awareness can be taught through various hands-on learning, acting, and body movements.

Word Linguistic Intelligence-Word Smart

Students with high auditory skills are taught by encouraging them to read books and play games.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence-Reasoning Smart

Students possessing good reasoning skills and innovative abilities can be taught using experiment learning methods, solving puzzles, logical games, and many other activities of a similar kind

Vedas Inspired Ethical, Social & Cultural model

Key Features

SAMAGRA curriculum primarily includes social, ethical & cultural education based on the world’s richest form of Knowledge known as “VEDAS“.
It covers all-round personality development by imparting ancient Indian forms of knowledge with the use of Vedas’ principles.

Personality development & Character formation

Multidimensional personality development techniques with simple living and high thinking teaching philosophy

Practical education based on Environmental elements

Specifically designed customized assignments, training, and vocational activities for better learning experiences.

Spiritual growth & Achieving Enlightenment

Highly effective introspection techniques i.e. Yoga, Prayer, and Meditation that help to reduce anxiety and stress and teach about the non-physical world.

Preservation & Spread of Culture

Education on traditions, culture & rituals and means of their preservation

Happiness Programme “AANANDAM”

Key Features

It is evident that the students are experiencing rising anxiety, stress, and depression levels owing to adverse conditions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. There are several pieces of research conducted on students’ overall behavior and study pattern that suggests the pandemic has severely impacted students’ behavior patterns, their relationship with parents & teachers, and their mental health.
Having understood the need to develop a program to cater the need of improving students’ mental well-being, enhance their level of awareness and mindfulness and provide immediate relief against the adverse conditions impacting the student’s overall development, we introduced our Happiness Programme called “AANANDAM“.
AANANDAM is based on Happiness Triad. The overall purpose is to support students in their journey to sustainable happiness through involvement in various unique meaningful activities. Regular daily happiness classes will enable students to express their feeling, thoughts, and views in an open and free environment that help them to understand its impact on their behavior, family, society, and natural environment. The syllabus is universally designed to benefit students of all age groups by incorporating various mindful classes and activities that include meaningful stories and multiple activities with reflective questions, and self-expression.

The program has been broken into 3 specific and identifiable modules

Exploring happiness through Learning and Awareness

- Knowing My Needs
- Harmony In Themself
- Happiness My Goals
- Why Education

Experiencing Happiness in Relationship through Feeling

- How Similar Are We
- Harmony In Relationship
- Understanding Value in Relationship
- Cooperation and Collaboration Living

Happiness through Active Participation

- Living In An interconnected Society
- Co-existing In Nature

Other Important Aspects of Samagra Curriculum

We strongly focus on elevating the education to world-class level. The “SAMAGRA” curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child in a somewhat personalized manner. This curriculum not only covers core academics but also helps in developing competitive aptitude among the students. It also takes care of learning about morals of life and inculcates with humanistic values.

Psychometric Analysis

This analysis will keep the brain healthy and any deflection can be traced and mentored accordingly.

Career Counseling

Choosing the right career path begins at an early age and with proper guidance by professional students and parents can visualize the future.

Health Monitoring

Keeping regular health checkups and  monitoring data of students is a regular  process at ADHYAYANAM

Overall Growth in True Sense

Development of Mind

Empowering minds through the Perfectly blended and well-crafted curriculum “SAMAGRA

Development of Body

Creating a physically strong students base with an improved immune system through Specialised yoga, health hygiene, and physical activities classes

Development of Soul

Enriching soul through well designed Vedic education & happiness program “AANANDAM