Adhyayanam School

The wordADHYAYANAMepistemologically means coming closer to yourself. So fundamentally, practicing self-observation or svadhyaya.

Mission and Vision

“We want that education by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet.”

Swami Vivekanand 

Education plays a vital role in building a strong nation. It can also be called “the backbone of a strong society”. With a clear vision to transform education to world-class level, we strive to bring in value education beyond the conventional teaching methodology that empowers students for an ever-changing world by fostering their intellectual, physical, social, and moral development and inculcating strong values of perseverance and compassion.

Considering the need to change the way education is delivered and to deliver value education we proudly bring in our most comprehensive, innovative, richest, and future-oriented education methodology that is based on Vedic principles and multiple intelligence philosophy which strongly focuses on character formation and regeneration of values. Value education in turn helps in contributing to nation-building and producing global citizens.

We are fully committed to the career readiness of students. Our comprehensive platform of integrated coaching is designed to cater to all coaching requirements of students.

To attain professional excellence we proudly introduce our “Credit-Based Student Evaluation System” which offers Choice-based Electives with Intelligent evaluation methodology.

Our robust, student centric and well-crafted curriculum “SAMAGRA” focuses on the all-around development of the child and builds a life-long learning experience for them.
We aim to ensure all students become life-long learners and responsible global citizens who possess strong social, ethical, and cultural values.

Howard Gardner Model of Multiple Intelligence

Based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence we offer the most innovative & future-ready model that helps in identifying & nurturing the full range of abilities and talents that a student may possess.

Use of Interactive tools i.e. graphs, charts, 3D modeling, multimedia, drawings, etc. to enhance visuals to explore and think.

The ability to recognize and categorize plants,  animals, and other objects in nature.

Students with a good sense of body awareness can be taught through various hands-on learning, acting, and body movements.

Students with good interpersonal abilities to be taught conducting interactive group seminars, group discussions, and various group activities.

Applying various Introspection and independent methods can be used for identifying students’ interests and goals.

The ability to think conceptually and abstractly, and the capacity to discern logical or numerical patterns.

Identifying students’ abilities towards the sensitivity of sounds and rhythms and teaching them by applying various musical activities and tools/ methods.

The ability to recognize and categorize plants,  animals, and other objects in nature.

Hybrid Model

“Reimagine Education with high-end technology”

Future-oriented Intelligent system that combines Traditional School learning with technology-based learning.

Key Attributes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled learning to cater to the requirements of the new education system.

Data Analytics to offer customized assignments for an ever-lasting learning experience.

Futuristic smart model of education to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

Inspired By Vedas

“Social, Ethical & Cultural Education based on Vedic Principles”

All-round personality development by imparting ancient Indian form of knowledge with the use of Vedas’ principles.

Key Attributes

Personality development & Character formation – Multidimensional Personality  development techniques with Simple Living and High Thinking Teaching Philosophy

Practical education based on Environmental elements- Specifically designed customized assignments, training, and vocational activities for better learning experiences. 

Spiritual growth & Achieving Enlightenment- Highly effective Introspection techniques i.e. Yoga, Prayer, and Meditation that help to reduce anxiety and stress and teach about the non-physical world. 

Preservation & Spread of Culture – Education on traditions, culture & rituals and means of their preservation

Integrated Coaching Platform

“A Smart Solution for all coaching requirements backed by best faculties & proven methodologies”

A unique platform to cater and reinforce all coaching requirements for multiple streams within the campus.

Key Attributes

Comprehensive Coaching Programme for multiple streams for national &  international level exams 

-Competitive Exams for students of class 6 to 10

Entrance Exams for Medical & Engineering  

-Entrance Exams for Management & Law

-Other Specialized Competitive Exams i.e.  NATA, NSDEE & UCEED

-Competitive Exams for Defence & Administrative Services i.e. UPSE, NDA

Credit-Based System of evaluation

“Choice-based Electives with Intelligent Evaluation System

India’s first credit-based system of student assessment that offers choice-based electives from multiple domains to attain professional excellence.

Key Attributes

Choice-based specialized courses from multiple domains carry significant weightage in the overall evaluation system 

-Specialised courses from multiple streams i.e. Dance, Drama, Photography, Music, Foreign Languages, Robotic Automation, other 40 Plus options

-Daily classes on chosen electives (3 Electives per year)

-Classes would be conducted under the guidance of professional trainers.

-Other Specialized classes to as per the requirement of the students