Adhyayanam School


Happiness Programme “AANANDAM”

It is evident that the students are experiencing rising anxiety, stress, and depression levels owing to adverse conditions caused by COVID-19 pandemic and due to other associated negative situations. There are several pieces of research conducted on students’ overall behavior and study pattern that suggests that pandemic has severely impacted students’ behavior patterns, their relationship with parents & teachers, and their mental health.

Having understood the need to develop a program to cater to the need of improving students’ mental well-being, enhance their level of awareness and mindfulness and provide immediate relief against the adverse conditions impacting the student’s overall development, we introduced our Happiness Programme called “AANANDAM”.

AANANDAM is based on Happiness Triad. The overall purpose is to support students in their journey to sustainable happiness through involvement in various unique meaningful activities. Regular happiness classes will be conducted daily and will enable students to express their feeling, thoughts, and views in an open and free environment and help them to understand its impact on their behavior, family, society, and natural environment. The syllabus is universally designed to benefit students of all age groups by conducting various mindful classes and activities that include meaningful stories and multiple activities with reflective questions, and self-expression.

The program has been broken into 3 specific and identifiable modules

Exploring happiness through Learning and Awareness
Exploring happiness through Learning and Awareness

- Knowing My Needs
- Harmony In Themself
- Happiness My Goals
- Why Education

Experiencing Happiness in Relationship through Feeling

- How Similar Are We
- Harmony In Relationship
- Understanding Value in Relationship
- Cooperation and Collaboration Living

Happiness through Active Participation

- Living In An interconnected Society
- Co-existing In Nature

Empowering Students, Empowering Nation